T.I.'s son King recently shared video himself getting into a dispute with Waffle House workers for allegedly messing up his order.

The incident occurred earlier this month, but video of the verbal altercation just went viral on Thursday (May 26). The entire incident was recorded by King himself via Instagram Live. The clip starts off with King sitting in the back seat of a car, assessing his Waffle House order. Apparently, his order had unwanted pickles on it, which, for some reason, angered him enough to want to fight.

"I'm ’bout to go in here and J down. They got me fucked up," King told his IG followers as he returned to the restaurant. "Nigga think I won't jump across that table. Aight. Watch this."

After hesitating at the door of the establishment, King proceeded to walk in and break bad with Waffle House workers in a profanity-laced tirade. After revealing his issue to an employee, King only appeared to get angered when told he couldn't cuss in the restaurant.

"I can talk how the fuck I want to wherever I'm at," he fired back. "I'm on live, shawty. Stop talking to me."

From there, things get heated between King and another worker who was tired of the rapper's son's antics. "My name King. You know it and your mama know it," King fired back when asked his name.

One worker then invited King to step into the cooking area of the store to apparently throw hands. King then stood up on the counter and acted like he was ready to rumble. Things then moved outside where King continued to taunt the Waffle House worker with threats to "pistol-whip him."

"Wait ’til I get back and see ’em out here late night," King continued before hopping in his car and speeding off.

This isn't the first time Tip's son has tried to show his toughness. Back in 2020, King was filmed fighting in a school bathroom. Last year, he was captured on camera confronting someone in a parking lot.

See the video of T.I.'s son King getting into a heated altercation with Waffle House workers below.

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