With the live music scene on hold for the foreseeable future, our local venues have had to clear their calendars for the next month and have gotten creative with their newfound marquee real estate. Some are inspirational, some are messages of goodwill, and some are Hodi's. 

The thing that has united us as a nation in a time of COVID-19 quarantine and social-distancing is an unsuspecting cast of (very real) characters from Netflix's just-released-at-the-purrfect-time documentary, Tiger King.

Like, we couldn't have seen 2020 coming at us like this in our wildest dreams nightmares, but here we are. It would appear the staff at Hodi's is keeping themselves occupied the same way as the rest of us are, and they are weighing in on the show's most-talked about theory (and it does give you a lot to talk about).

While Joe Exotic is in federal prison, many of his tigers reside here in Colorado (check it out). But while we've got the tigers, Hodi's wanted to weigh in on the human element of the show.

... Yeah, they totally went there. The venue's marquee has gone viral on accounts like Barstool CSU, and affiliate of Barstool Sports.

Additionally, Hodi's has started a GoFundMe where you can help support the staff through this time.

'Whether you've stopped in for comedy, DJs, album releases, or just a weekend night out, we are incredibly grateful for every event you've attended,' Hodi's wrote. 'Please consider supporting our staff during this time of uncertainty...You all mean so much to us, we can't wait to open our doors for you again as soon as we can.'

Visit the GoFundMe here.

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