Before you chide me for saying that this home is "only" $515,000 (because that's, like, a lot), let's think about literally every other Old Town Fort Collins home I've written about. Even tiny bungalows near the main strip go for over a million, so the fact that this one comes in at half the price is a game-changer.

By the way, I should also preface this story by saying that this house is my dream home. It doesn't have all of the amenities a new home would, but look at that curb appeal. Look at that classic Old Town Fort Collins charm.

Anyone who's ever lived in downtown FoCo (as I did for a bit) knows that Whedbee Street features the most charming homes, and if you peek inside the windows of one on any given night (in a non-creepy way), you'll see families who have occupied the homes for years and years, proud to have built their families in one of NoCo's oldest districts.

This home, though still coming in a bit higher on my personal price range, would be perfect for a couple who loves Old Town restaurants and breweries, who doesn't need a lot of space, and who appreciates the olden days.

Check out the gallery below and, if you're interested in bankrolling a radio DJ who'd love to live in this picture-perfect home, just drop me a comment and we can work out an anonymous benefactor Great Expectations-style deal (kidding, by the way). See the full listing of the home right here. 

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