A study out from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that April and May are the months with the highest risk of attack from mountain lions. The study says that this time of year mountain lions are more likely to come out of the front range in search of food.

Here are six tips from Liveoutdoors.com for avoiding and surviving a mountain lion attack.

The odds are in your favor

A mountain lion attack is extremely rare. To put it in perspective, you are less likely to be attacked my a mountain lion than struck by lightning.

Stalking behavior

Mountain lions are very quiet and the chances of seeing one is very rare. However, if you do see one it's probably been stalking you. You should stand up tall, jump, make noise and be as obnoxious as possible. Chances are, the mountain lion will go the other way.

Never hike alone

Always take a friend or partner with you while adventuring on the trails. Two people are much more intimidating to a mountain lion. You appear bigger, louder and stronger than an individual.

Stay away from dead animals

If you're hiking and come across a dead animal, keep moving. Dead carcasses are prime territory for mountain lions.

Carry bear spray or a gun

Check out this story from Montana.Gov to read about bear spray saving lives.

Fight back

If you forget your bear spray, didn't bring your gun and now you're face to face with a mountain lion. Fight with every bit of energy you have. Yell, scream use a rock or stick to hit the animal in the face.

Recently a runner was attacked at Horsetooth Mountain Park. He fought back, eventually suffocating the animal to death. Read the full story HERE


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