All aboard the rock ’n’ roll train, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest AC/DC Moments from the band’s 46-year history.

AC/DC’s live show is one of the biggest and most explosive in rock history. As the Australian rockers became more legendary, their shows became more elaborate. AC/DC have adorned their stage with a gigantic train, cannons, a massive Hells Bell and much more.

Rock n roll was truly personified by Bon Scott, as the singer often made headlines for his hilarious DGAF persona. In 1975, AC/DC performed “Baby, Please Don’t Go” on the Australian TV show Countdown. Bon appeared onstage in a schoolgirl uniform with a wig and full makeup, completely freaking out the viewing audience. Another unforgettable moment shows a shirtless Bon, with a banana tucked in his shorts, trashing the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Few AC/DC tales are more iconic than the one behind “Whole Lotta Rosie.” As Malcolm Young recalls, “Big Rosie grabs Bon and says, ‘Right, you’re mine for the night.’ Bon woke up in the morning squashed against the wall. He tried to get away and she grabbed him again and got more payment for a meal. He came back and he told us, we said, ‘We’ve gotta get a song title out of that.’”

Check out these 10 incredible and insane AC/DC moments in the Loud List above.

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