Have you heard of this new mobile app game called Pokemon Go? Of course you have, and here's some tips and tricks to help you power up to dominate the game. I have been playing the game non-stop, and I have learned some tips from more experienced players along the way. I also took the time to look up some things that other players have shared online that has worked for them. Here are 8 tips, tricks, and hacks that I've learned so far in no particular order.

  • 1

    Hatch Eggs Without Walking

    There are eggs that allow you to hatch new Pokemon in the game. To do this, you place the egg in an incubator, and depending on the egg you have to walk to hatch it. You can't cheat and drive your car because the game knows that you are moving too fast to be walking or riding a bike. But if you have a ceiling fan and some tape, you can tape your phone to the fan and turn it on. This will simulate movement and hatch your egg for you. However, don't turn your fan on too high, otherwise the game will think you're driving.

  • 2

    Curve Ball

    If you spin your Pokeball before your throw it, will increase your chances of capturing that Pokemon and give you extra experience points. The ball will curve, and it takes some practice to hit the target consistently.

  • 3

    Pick Up That Pokeball

    If you miss your target, tap on the Pokeball if it's still on the screen. If you do it quick enough, you can pick the ball back up and not lose it.

  • 4

    Excellent Throw Every Time

    If you turn off the game's access to your phone's camera, this not only saves battery, but it gives you a chance to throw a perfect Pokeball. This disables the augmented reality of the game, so when you see a Pokemon, it will just place it in the middle of your screen with a default background. Before the Pokeball shows up, start flicking quickly from the bottom of the screen. Once the ball shows up, it will launch immediately and be an "excellent" hit, increasing the chances on holding on to the Pokemon.

  • 5

    Catch Circles

    It's amazing how many people don't know what the growing and shrinking circles on the Pokemon mean... So here you go:

    Green are the easiest to catch, Orange are medium and Red are the hardest. Also, if the circle is small, that means you are more accurate and have a better chance of holding onto the Pokemon.

  • 6

    Don't Walk Until It's Yours

    Don't you hate it when your Pokemon won't stay in the ball, or even worse, runs off? When stay put and this has less of a chance of happening. Once you start to try to catch a Pokemon, stop walking. If you keep moving, that increases the chance of the Pokemon escaping. If you walk too far, they will even run away.

  • 7

    CP is Not the End All Be All

    You can power up the CP of your Pokemon, but their moves are their moves. So before you go transferring all your low CP Pokemon to the Professor, make sure you're not unloading a Pokemon who have a high specialty move, because these can only be increased with evolution. CP can be increased with candy and stardust.