Disclaimer: we're not suggesting that you go out of your way to park your car illegally - however, chances are you could be spared from the financial and emotional troubles that often come as a result of parking your car illegally (intentionally or unintentionally), thanks to a new Colorado state law.

As of Wednesday, Aug. 10, tow truck companies across Colorado are now required to give 24 hours' written notice before towing a car from the parking lot of an apartment, condo, or mobile home park.

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In addition, tow truck companies are no longer permitted to tow for expired registration, according to 9News. 

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About Colorado's New "Towing Bill of Rights"

The state's new law affecting traditional protocol when it comes to towing vehicles is doing so in a big way.

“This law basically is a complete overhaul of towing in Colorado," Rep. Naquetta Ricks (D) who co-sponsored the bill signed into law said. 

"Now, they do have to prove that you are violating the law," Ricks said.

Under the new law, before tow companies remove any car, they are now required to take pictures of the vehicle in question.

Much like everything else, however, there are exceptions:

As per the new law, tow truck companies are not required to give prior notice to tow a car in the following cases:

  • The car owner has two previous notices for parking illegally
  • The car is being repossessed
  • The tow is ordered by a court or police officer
  • A car blocking a driveway or roadway
  • A car illegally parked in a handicapped space
  • A car blocking a fire zone
  • A car parked in someone's reserved, paid parking space
  • A car parked without a resident pass in a lot requiring passes

Truck companies are also now required to post signage outside their businesses listing the maximum rate for a tow under the new law.

Tow Companies React To New 24-Hour Law

While there are many people in support of this new law, there are (as you can imagine) many others who are not - for multiple reasons.

For starters, Jonathan Collins, president of Collins Towing said these new laws could potentially impact those who pay for their parking spots at their respective residences.

"These communities at night are completely full – with that being they should have the rights to be able to call a towing company and tow them out of their parking spot," said Collins, according to KRDO. 

Getty Images/EyeEm
Getty Images/EyeEm

Zachary Gresl, owner of Walt's Towing told KRDO he believes this is will affect towing companies and their pockets.

"Even for us a company that doesn't do a large amount of those tows, it is still going to cut into 25 percent of our revenue."

Under the new law, tow yards will be required to return a car if the vehicle owner can pay 15% of the fees, which is capped at $60. Even though they'll still have to still pay back the rest of the owed money, they won't have to do so immediately.

The reality is, what would a newly instated law be without stirring up a little controversy? Much like other laws already in place, not everyone's going to be a fan - that's not to say there aren't people who are.

"This legislation is a win for vehicle owners, who for years have had to contend with a guilty until innocent system in towing. This will even the playing field," Rep. Ricks said according to reports via KRDO. 

So, what do you think - are you in favor or against Colorado's new towing law? Sound off with your thoughts by sending us a message on our free app!

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