You know what they say about trainwrecks -- you can't look away. And, thankfully, in this case, no one was injured. 

Major traffic congestion occurred this morning in downtown Fort Collins following a train vs. vehicle collision near the Downtown Transit Center. No one was able to cross Mason Street between the CSU campus and Laporte Ave., essentially creating a wall.

According to Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page:

"No people were injured in the incident. Mason Street will be closed to vehicle traffic between University Ave and Maple St for several hours. Travelers should find an alternative route."

I was able to walk over to get a few photos, and while an investigation is still ongoing, I will say this is not the first time I've seen a car get wedged off of the curb like that -- though it is the first time I've seen a collision -- and I will never understand why a few years ago they redesigned the tracks like that.