President Trump has been making the news a lot in his last days in office; this time it's for taking Space Command Headquarters away from Peterson Air Force Base.

President Trump [re]launched Space Command in December of 2018; at that time Colorado Springs and Peterson Air Force Base were named its preliminary headquarters.

According to the Colorado Sun, the Trump administration announced on Wednesday, January 13, 2020, that Space Command's permanent headquarters will be in Huntsville, Alabama, leaving Colorado behind like we were on Star Trek and wearing red shirts.

Many of Colorado's political figures on both sides of the aisle are upset with the decision, including Governor Polis (D) and the Mayor of Colorado Springs (R.)

Though Colorado and Peterson AFB both seem like very logical places for the permanent home of Space Command (especially with NORAD being in Colorado,) but the Colorado Sun points out the long-history that Huntsville itself has with the space industry.

According to the Sun, Huntsville is known as Rocket City, dating back to when German rocket- scientist Werner Von Braun and his team lived there developing America's rocket program. Also in Huntsville, is NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

So, having Huntsville as Space Command's Headquarters is not coming 'completely from outer space,' though it is a major disappointment.

This story is similar to when Loveland developed the former Hewlett-Packard campus to be the location for manufacturers creating projects and parts for NASA; the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology never left the ground.

Get more on Alabama being home to Space Command from the Colorado Sun HERE.

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