Zombie Fest has been an annual tradition in Fort Collins for nearly ten years now, bringing together enthusiasts of the living dead for spirited day and night of fun in Old Town Square. With a Zombie bar crawl, costume contest, kids activities, and live entertainment, there's ghoulish fun to be had by people of all ages.

Unfortunately, Turning Point, who's been in charge of organizing the event over the last decade has decided to step away from hosting this year. In a heartfelt message posted to their social media this week, Turning Point thanked the community and sponsors for all they have done to help the event run smoothly throughout the years, and also noted that this does not mean Zombie Fest is dead for good. According to Turning Point, another agency or group can take over the event and keep it going for more years to come. If your organization is interested, Turning Point asks that you please contact them. Based on the community's comments regarding Turning Point's decision to step away, many would be very sad if the event does not continue to live on.

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