Twista is known to the world for being one of the fastest rappers ever, but it turns out that he's also an amazing ventriloquist.

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday (June 6) by Andrew Barber, founder of the popular Chicago blog @fakeshoredrive, Twista can be seen displaying very impressive ventriloquism skills by engaging in a conversation with a dummy who resembles late comedian Groucho Marx. In the hilarious clip, the legendary Chicago rapper shows off his comedy chops by going back-and-forth with the dummy, who just can't grasp the name "Toxic" despite Twista's best efforts.

"Fun fact: On top of once holding the Guinness World Record for being the fastest rapper on the planet, Twista is also a world-class ventriloquist," Barber captioned the wild video.

As it turns out, spitting rapid-fire bars and making dummies talk without moving his mouth is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Twista's impressive talents. In response to the ventriloquism video, another Twitter user who goes by @VicSpencer replied to the initial tweet with a video showing the "Slow Jams" rhymer balancing a pool stick on top of a cue ball.

"He also do magic tricks too," wrote @VicSpencer. "The legend can do it all."

Twista was first listed as the world's fastest rapper in the 1993 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records when he was able to spit 598 syllables in 55 seconds, breaking the previous record, which was held by a rapper named Daddy Freddy.

See video of Twista being a ventriloquist below.

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