A couple of Colorado locations were named the 'best places to go' for Thanksgiving this year, which is fine, as long as they eventually leave. 

Hopefully the Colorado Wall doesn't hinder travel plans for out-of-state visitors this year. According to WalletHub, both Denver and Colorado Springs were listed in the top 20 destinations for Thanksgiving travel for 2019. This was based on holiday celebrations and traditions, safety, affordability and more (like weather... really?).

Fortunately for us, we already live in Colorado, so we can stay put and save some money this Thanksgiving, because even without travel, it can be really expensive. Wallethub also shared some fun Thanksgiving info, like the fact that on average, people spend about $313 over the five-day holiday period, and that $19 million is the amount of property loss caused by building fires... likely because of turkey fryers.

That's nothing compared to what Americans spend on turkeys every year — over $522 million, WalletHub says.

That's a lot of money considering 53 percent of people are actually 'dreading' sitting down at the dinner table because they may have to talk about politics. Yikes... Read more from WalletHub here.

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