It ran for nine seasons. It was one of the greatest TV shows. The Office. Everybody has seen at least ONE episode, but how many people can name the two Colorado connections made within the show?

The American version of The Office took place in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It's about the documented happenings of a small paper company, Dunder Mifflin. The Centennial State gets a nod twice (that I know of) during the nine-season run. Both, during marriage proposals!

The first of the times that I'm referring to is when Michael leaves. It's season #7, episode #17: 'Garage Sale.' After he proposes to Holly (and she says Yes), he tells everyone that they're moving to Colorado (Boulder) to help Holly's ailing parents. They end up having a lot of kids, too!

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The second time is season #9, episode 25: 'A.A.R.M.' Dwight proposes to Angela by presenting her with a ring made from the bullet pulled from the buttocks of his grandmother. Apparently, she was a moonshiner- shot by the 'Gangster patriarch of the Coors dynasty [Adolph Coors}'

Coors! Golden! So, you have Boulder and Golden featured in The Office! I think that's pretty neat! Do you know of any other Colorado references in the show?

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