Did you know that somewhere in Fort Collins lies a hidden, secret treasure that's awaiting to be discovered? It's true, but in order to begin your hunt, you must first retrieve the map, which is locked in a chest in the attic of a historic mercantile building in Old Town. Intrigued yet?

Located at 222 Walnut Street, Somewhere Secret is an interactive escape room of sorts, and an adventure like no other. Upon entering, groups are taken on a journey through a series of creative riddles, hidden clues, challenging puzzles, and real-life mysteries that must all be solved within an hour's time in order to unlock the chest that contains an actual treasure map leading to something magical in the outside world. This well-designed game of logic incorporates local history and authentic relics to create a mysterious ambiance in a dungeon-like setting, complete with non-stop action. However, finding the alchemist's map in less than an hour is just the beginning of the hunt.

Photo courtesy of Somewhere Secret via Facebook

Perfect for groups of all ages, Somewhere Secret is an awesome icebreaker, as well as a great team building activity, that's gotten consistent and amazing reviews across the board. If your group is smaller than eight people, you may end up playing with others who book during the same time slot, but no matter what your skills are, everyone can play a part in solving the mystery to get to the reward. While there's no set price for game-play, a donation of $25 per person is suggested.