Van Halen are reportedly going to appear at the Grammy nominations show on Wednesday, Nov. 30 to make a “special live announcement,” presumably regarding their much-discussed new album and tour.

As reported by Hitflix, the Recording Academy, who presents the Grammys, made an announcement yesterday stating that the hour-long nominations program will “feature a special live announcement from a truly iconic group regarding their historic band reunion set to take place at the Grammys.”

A post on the official twitter account for the Grammys went on to spell out pretty clearly exactly which band they were talking about: “Does this hint make you want to ‘Jump’ & ‘Dance the Night Away?’” (The only way they could have made it more obvious is by saying, “OK, the name rhymes with ‘Man Sailin’…’”)

It seems this announcement means we shouldn’t expect a live Van Halen performance this month, but instead be ready for one at the actual Grammy awards, which air Feb. 12 on CBS television. That actually goes along pretty well with reports we heard stating that the band’s new album, their first with original lead singer David Lee Roth since 1984′s ’1984,’ is going to be released in February.

Of course, this could all still blow up, it’s not like special announcements at awards shows are Van Halen’s forte. Back in 1996, they went on the MTV Music Awards to announce they were getting back together with Roth, and that ending up falling apart. Granted, this time around the group is coming off a highly successful 2007-2008 reunion tour with the charismatic singer, and reportedly has completed work on a new album.

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