If you're the type of person that is fascinated by historic haunted places, you will have no trouble finding plenty of them in the state of Colorado.

Colorado has a rich history of mining dating back to the 1800s and not only are a lot of historic buildings from that time period still around, but the vast majority have some kind of reputation for paranormal activity.

One particular hotel is located in the tiny town of Victor, Colorado, and its history is accompanied by a tragic tale involving the elevator that is still functioning to this day.

Colorado's Haunted Victor Hotel

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The Victor Hotel is located in the heart of the tiny town of Victor, Colorado, which is just south of Cripple Creek. The hotel was first built in 1899 but was destroyed by a fire that same year.

After rebuilding the hotel we know today across the street, the building served as numerous things over the years including a morgue and a boarding house for local miners.

One miner by the name of Eddy lived in room 301 and, according to some, is still around.

Eddy met tragedy one night as he left his room to board the elevator and before he could realize that the elevator itself wasn't on the third floor with him, fell down the shaft to his death.

The hotel is currently open and many renovations have been made over the years, but the elevator is still there and is currently the oldest functioning elevator in the state of Colorado.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of the historic and allegedly haunted Victor Hotel:

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