Have you ever had that creepy sensation that someone is right behind you, but when you turn around, there's nothing there?

How about when you know the history of what happened at a certain location and you keep telling yourself that ghosts aren't real, but things start to happen.

What are signs that a location may be haunted?

  • Odd things occur and there is no explanation.
  • Drastic temperature changes for no apparent reason
  • Eerie feelings that send chills up your spine and the hairs on your arms stand up
  • Mysterious noises and sounds that happen out of the dark
  • Strange smells that come out of nowhere
  • You see strange shapes or figures out of the corner of your eye

Casper, Wyoming is said to have MANY haunted buildings and locations scattered all throughout town. This history rich area has had death, massacres and a bloody history since well before Wyoming  became a state in 1890.

The downtown Casper area is said to have many buildings that have guests who have overstayed their welcome, stories run thick of the ghost of a young woman that fell to her death at NCHS, the ghost stories are nonstop of the Ivy House Inn, and of course the heaviness and death at Fort Caspar.

Fort Caspar was active, first as Platte Bridge Station, from 1858-1867. During that time many battles and deaths happened near the location where the fort sits today. The energy of things that happened in the 1800's is still strong at the fort. With historical artifacts, documents and spirits around the grounds, you never know what will happen.

Many ghost hunting expeditions and tours have happened at the fort over the years, including this year. During a ghost hunt in the telegraph office, Fort Caspar museum board member Johanna Wickman, was in the middle of the ghost hunt when a hair-raising incident happened.

With the telegraph office being so active on this particular evening, they decided to leave a camera and equipment running after the ghost hunt ended.

That is when more unexplained activity began.

The fort is having another weekend of ghost hunting leading up to Halloween. You can contact the fort to see if there are a few tickets remaining for the this weekends ghost hunts. It's encouraged that you call 307-235-8462 and get your tickets, they expect to sell out before the events begin.

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