These sub-zero temperatures may have you longing for a Colorado summer, but be careful what you wish for.

It's easy to forget in the winter, but the Centennial State's warmer months bring about a different form of unfavorable weather: hail.

Whether you've suffered from a smashed windshield or just cringed as the ice hit your roof, a severe hailstorm is something every Coloradan has dealt with.

Take a look at some of the worst hailstorms to hit our state:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Colorado Springs

In 2018, Colorado Springs saw a hailstorm so bad that it injured 14 people and killed three animals at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

El Paso, Colorado Springs, Fountain, and Fort Carson

A 2018 video shows multiple smashed windshields after golf ball-sized hail struck various cities in Southern Colorado.

Wheat Ridge

A dash cam video from 2016 shows an unfortunate driver getting their car totaled while stuck in a hailstorm in Wheat Ridge.

Last Chance

Storm chasers suffered a broken windshield after traveling through this 2010 hailstorm in Last Chance, Colorado.

Highway Hailstorm

This 2020 video shows just how quickly a hailstorm can arise during a Colorado summer.

Golden, Lakewood, and Denver

This 2017 footage shows a driver's windshield breaking during a hailstorm as they head west on I-70 near Denver.

Colorado Springs and Fountain

This driver had limited visibility during a 2020 hailstorm and flash flood near Colorado Springs and Fountain.

Black Bear Pass

These travelers had a rough time in 2020 when they encountered a severe hailstorm while off-roading in Black Bear Pass.

Colorado Springs

These drivers witnessed almost 12 inches of hail while traveling on I-25 in Colorado Springs during a 2015 hailstorm.


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