A Northern Colorado teacher has gone viral over a single video on social media. TikTok user, Hashtagjrupp, has racked up millions of views looking for "Checkbook Jessica".  It all started when Mr. Rupp and his wife took their kids to get their passports for a family vacation on a cruise.

Realizing that they needed a check to pay for the passports at the post office, Mr. Rupp tells his wife that there may be a check in the center console of the vehicle. That's when things went south. Mr. Rupp's wife happens to find a checkbook. However, it's not his. It's Jessica's.

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If you haven't seen it yet, you must see this video:


Mr. Rupp outlines how bad this whole situation looks and that his wife may have suspicions that he may be having an affair. He pleads to Jessica, the owner of the checkbook, please check her voicemail so the confusion can be cleared up.

Thanks to the algorithm of TikTok, Jessica somehow found the video. Jessica was compelled enough to check her voicemail. As it turns out, she is the owner of the checkbook and she did in fact have a voicemail from Mr. Rupp's wife about her checkbook.


Jessica stitched the TikTok video in the most epic way possible. Bottle-feeding a baby goat.



Mr. Rupp and his wife were able to get into contact with Jessica. Mr. Rupp still has no idea how the checkbook got into his vehicle. But he does have a theory. Children of both parties happen to go to school together, so they might park close to one another in the parking lot. Mr. Rupp does better job explaining the entire theory.

I am sure both parties are looking back now and having a good laugh. Millions of people have watched the videos and tens of thousands have chimed in on the whole debacle. One thing is for certain, Jessica will probably be keeping a tighter grip on her checkbook from here on out.

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