When you hear the word "Deli," you don't typically think of dessert. Maybe you should when it comes to this hidden gem Deli in Fort Collins. Just look at these delicious sweets they make.

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One Of The Best Bakeries In Fort Collins

I occasionally have moments where I find out about something way too late in life then I'm mad that I didn't find it sooner. Mostly that feeling comes from cool places to get delicious food that not a lot of people know about. It's some of these hidden food gems that have the best food! I've been in Northern Colorado since 2005, and in Colorado my whole life, so how I was never told about Fiona's Deli in Fort Collins will forever be a mystery. My wife sent me a review on their famous Chocolate Egg Cremes and I questioned it at first. A deli, which should be known for delicious meat and cheese for sandwiches, is known for desserts? Absolutely. Take a look at some of these tasty treats you've been missing out on if you, like me, are just now finding out about Fiona's sweet side.

I could keep posting pictures of their incredibly deliciously looking cakes and sweet treats but I'm this close to breaking my new nutritional lifestyle and my wife might come after me if I do that. Fiona's Deli, Bakery & Catering is located in Fort Collins at 1001 E. Harmony Road, Unit D. It's in the same parking lot as Sam's Club to give you a better visual. Go get yourself some sweet treats for the upcoming holiday, or hide some in your room from your fam, your call. Enjoy.

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