"Take my money" I was heard shouting when I hear the news that there's a chance that I could see In-N-Out in the Fort Collins area by way of their own food truck.

Fort Collins is a town that is known for its love of food trucks, so the news of this In-N-Out 'Cookout Truck has The Choice City written all over it. There' are a couple of catches, though.

9News posted the news about the truck, that comes with In-N-Out staff and dishes out that ever-craved In-N-Out fare. Some of the fare, anyway. Long ago, I worked at Runza in Loveland, and we had a Runza Mobile that we'd take out to CSU games occasionally; I can't imagine  the amount of business an In-N-Out would get a game.

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This isn't your ordinary food truck; this is more of a catering truck. People (mostly businesses) have to schedule the truck to come out do a 'cookout' serving the items that the truck comes with:

  • Double-Doubles
  • Hamburgers
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Grilled Cheeses
  • Soft Drinks
  • Chips

You'll notice that French Fries isn't on the list. They can't make those with this truck. Nor do they have those great shakes. Dang.

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How Much Does the Truck Cookout Cost to Come Out?

From their website:

The cost of your cookout is determined by the amount of food used, plus sales tax and miscellaneous charges such as trip-charge, mileage and overtime or the minimum of $2,000 +tax (which includes the $500 trip-charge), whichever is higher.

I did do a preliminary 'scheduling' for the truck. The form wanted to know what zip code, so I put in 80550 (Windsor) and it did not say that they wouldn't come here. I that bodes well for anyone who wans to book it in the Fort Collins area.

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