Looking to get in shape while helping our veterans? Well, there's no better way than to join the Healing Warriors 5K Walk/Run.

Nonprofit organization Healing Warriors is hosting this event and wants you to help our veterans at Spring Canyon Park Sunday, May 22.

Nonprofit Development Manager Janet Hatfield told "Tuned In to NoCo" that this fundraiser is to help serve those that courageously served us.

"You know, we're here to treat everybody. If you can't sleep, walk-in. If anxiety has got you, walk-in. You know, that's what we're there for. We're not just doing education, We're not just talking the talk. We are directly affecting people's lives..."

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Hatfield says their treatment programs are not generic or one size fits all but rather specifically customized for each hero.

"We're not going to tell them what's the best for them. We need them to try things out and say what's working for you. You know, let us tailor this to you to figure out what's going on to help you the most"

Whether it's anxiety or drug use, Hatfield says their goal at Healing Warriors is to find the root cause of the issue(s), and this process may require them to update or change a previous diagnosis.

"We had one gentleman, that I had a chance to interview, who was on 18 different prescriptions by the time he left the military and after coming to us for a little while and through some self-management on his part, he was down to two. So, those are the kind of things that we like to see. Because we are really trying to help them..."

For more information about Healing Warriors or how to sign up for the Healing Warriors 5k Walk/Run click here. To listen to the full interview click the link below.

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