There are many abandoned locations all throughout the state of Colorado, but there is one that greatly interests those who live in Northern Colorado. 

That location is the former Longmont Sugar Company (Great Western Sugar Company), which was incorporated in 1905 and for over 60 years was the main producer of beet sugar for Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

For many years it was a vital part of not only the economy but also the local culture of Longmont and the surrounding area. But now it is a canvas for graffiti and gawkers wondering what the inside of the property now looks like.

That wonder has now become a reality, as one Youtuber made the trip into the old factory to see what has happened to the inside of the facility, and what lurks behind every corner.

Were you living in Northern Colorado when the sugar factory was open? What do you remember about it?

(Big thanks to Shutter Mafia Studios for posting this on Youtube!)



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