I think I found scientific proof that skunks are at the top of the food chain. I've seen bears attack wolves, mountain lions, elk and bison and win just about every time. I've never seen a bear successfully take down a skunk including this big guy that got schooled.

I have to confess I don't know exactly when this originally happened. It's new to my eyes, but was shared late last year. It could go back as far as 2018. All I know is it's an object lesson in what bears should not do when they see a skunk.

Skedaddle Wildlife is one of the sites that could have helped this bear out. They correctly warn that when you see a skunk's tail go up, you're in mortal danger.

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This bear shouldn't feel bad. He's not the only predator to get hammered by a skunk. Somewhat recently there was a video showing a mountain lion ending up running for his life from an angry skunk.

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