When is a Yellowstone grizzly an anteater? ANSWER: any time he wants to be as a new video proves.

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This fun YouTube Short share shows a close encounter with a grizzly in Yellowstone National Park. It shows that if you're an ant in the park, there is no tree you can hide under that this bear won't turnover to find you.

If you know bears, you know there's really nothing unusual about this at all. As the North American Bear Center states, these "digestible clumps of fat and protein are the main source of animal protein". According to their numbers, bears like this Yellowstone grizzly can sniff out up to 200 colonies PER DAY. Makes my nose itch thinking about it, but I'm not a bear.

A couple of years ago, National Geographic shared an interesting article about all the unusual things that bears eat that you wouldn't normally associate with a bear diet. No insect is safe from a bear's claw including moths. It's not strange at all to see a grizzly mom in Yellowstone showing her cubs how to find easy food sources like the ants this bear is devouring.

Based on the lack of snow in the video, have to imagine this new video share was actually captured last summer. Won't be long though before the Yellowstone grizzly population are back terrorizing ants and anything else within their grasp.

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