If you would have asked me years ago to do this in my car, I would have done it without a second thought. Now, I'd happily watch from the banks on solid ground. I stumbled upon this really cool video of cars drifting on the ice-covered lake in Georgetown, Colorado.

The footage uploaded to YouTube via user, Moses, shows numerous cars driving and drifting around Georgetown Lake. The drone video is almost surreal while watching the cars slide around on the ice.

Even though it seems like driving on ice in the Rocky Mountains would be a month-long event, the season for this particular sport is very short-lived. According to Our Gang Ice Racing, taking to the ice with a vehicle only lasts five short weekends.

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The tradition of ice racing on Georgetown Lake has been going on since 1977. Drivers are invited to take to the ice in their vehicles for a small registration fee. However, the type of vehicles that are allowed on the ice is restricted to either 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

If you are looking to get your adrenaline fix in while doing some ice racing, you can get yourself prepared for next season. More information on Georgetown Lake ice racing can be found HERE.

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