A tornado ripped through Weld County and really hit around Platteville yesterday while there weren't any serious human injuries or deaths, there was some livestock that was lost and there was certainly plenty of damage from the tornado.

According to Fox 31, witnesses reported the tornado touching down in several areas near Platteville and this morning, their chopper did a flyover to show us just how much damage was done.

An unknown number of calves were lost on a Weld County dairy north of Firestone and there was some damage done to several structures.

The Weld County sheriff's department reported it spotted a tornado on the ground west of the town of Platteville in the area of county roads 26 and 19 and then proceeded north toward the Fort Saint Vrain Generation Station near county roads 21 and 34.

When it all went down, I was just finishing up my run in the Raindance Community in Windsor and I would just like to shout out the kind citizens who were out watching the sky and offered me a safe place to go if needed.

Colorado peeps are the BEST. Check out a couple of pics I got on my run yesterday.

Weld County Tornado


As for the morning after...here's what Fox 31 captured during their chopper flyover...


20 Photos of Colorado From Space



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