If you have children you've probably had an episode where your kid was a little overdramatic at a certain situation. When kids get upset, they'll sometimes throw tantrums and even throw themselves onto the floor to try an make their point of how upset they are. That same thing happens in nature when large animals want to prove their upset level.

Outdoors portrait of crying toddler boy

Even though Yellowstone National Park isn't full open, there are still chances for adventure seekers from all over to experience the park in the winter time. One of the options is to take a snowcoach into and around the park to see the sights.

Just like during the summer months, you're not guaranteed to see wildlife. Actually you may be less likely to see wildlife because of the restricted areas you're able to visit during the winter months.

Bison on the Madison River in Winter, Yellowstone National Park.

Tina Watsduck, who is a snowcoach driver, had a pretty crazy run in with a tantrum throwing Yellowstone Bison just last week. In her post on the Yellowstone National Park Facebook group ,Tina says

Wildlife being wild. This bison wouldn’t let me creep around him and charged my snow coach twice. Then he threw a bison tantrum.

You can see in the videos that the bison wasn't happy that the snowcoach was traveling on the road and was doing everything in it's power to show it. Luckily they knew the best thing was to let the bison get all of it's rage out and all the passengers on the snowcoach were treated to quite the show.

If you've been thinking about checking out Yellowstone during the winter, this may be enough to get you excited about it. Thanks for sharing these exciting videos to Facebook, Tina.

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