With all the stress we're all feeling these days, the sight of over 100 Colorado horses trotting their way through their day in Granby is a breath of fresh air.

When cowboys round up horses in the morning, it's called a 'jingle;' I didn't know that. It's great when you learn something new about the state you've been living most your whole life, right?

C Lazy U Guest Ranch in Granby recently posted a video of one of their jingles, and it took me by surprise at how 'at-ease' it made me feel. My day gets crazy busy, and here are all these horses heading out, majestically and casually, for their own 'busy' day. Are they worrying about their own monthly goals? Probably not. That's what makes the video so relaxing, to me.

I didn't know how many there would be when I started to watch. '15, 30?' I thought to myself. Then they just kept coming across that bridge; over 100 head of horses off to work, 'la de da..'

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C Lazy U Guest Ranch, which has been around for over 100 years, was threatened in 2020 by the East Troublesome Fire. 5280 Magazine reported that the ranch didn't have any trailers to move their horses, but thanks to social media, more than 20 trailers showed up to assist.

So, to see all these horses, in September of 2021, really does give you the feel of community and of relaxation.

A lot of the comments on Facebook about the video touch on the sound of the horses:

I could listen to the sounds of hooves hitting the dirt all day long! That and the smell of a horse - nothing like it!

I haven't set my vacations for 2022, yet. I may have to put this ranch on that calendar.

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