When your love of spicy takes you to a level you cannot come back from, what do you do? You eat the world's hottest popcorn that is made right here in Northern Colorado of course! That is exactly what we did too! Kelsey, Justin and Matt Sparx went to Rebel Popcorn in Fort Collins to attempt to burn their faces off with a popcorn that is super spicy! The Reaper challenge at Rebel Popcorn is a bit torturous, spicy and if you can handle it, rewarding! The popcorn is made with the Carolina Reaper pepper... HOT!

Justin Tyler

To give you an idea of how hot the popcorn is, we will head to the scoville scale:

Jalapenos top out at around 5,000

Habeneros are much hotter and top the scale at 350,000

The Ghost pepper gets really high up there at 1,400,000

Where does the Carolina Reaper sit on the scale? Well... It is nearly double the Ghost Pepper with almost a million more scovilles. The Carolina Reaper is a bright red, ugly and demoniclooking pepper and tops out at right around 2,200,000 scovilles. Yep... It's hot! In fact, US grade pepper Spray starts out at 2,500,000 scovilles.


The challenge lasts 5 long minutes. First you start out with one kernel of popcorn and then wait 60 seconds until you go to the next round, which has two kernels and then 60 more seconds. The challenge goes like this and increases in kernels until you make it to the final five. You wait 60 more seconds and then if you could deal with the pain and heat, you won a bag of popcorn. Oh... Did I mention that you CANNOT drink anything during the challenge?

Three of us took the challenge, see the pain:

Completing the challenge was the easy part. Deciding on which flavor of popcorn I got to take home from Rebel Popcorn on the other hand was very very difficult since there is so many awesome flavors to choose from. I ended up with the Rotting Corpse, which had gummi worms and chocolate. A great way to subside the burn if I do say so myself!