In-N-Out Burger: The only Californian that Coloradans welcome with open arms. We've anticipated its arrival since 2017, and now there's development on just when it'll open.

According to KDVR, you'll probably be able to have your first animal-style burger in 2020. That used to seem so far away, but in just a few days, that's next year!

But... actually it still is pretty far out. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported today that Colorado's very first In-N-Out will open in late 2020, which is honestly a little vague, but that's because production facilities have to be built prior to the actual restaurant. The project is still around two years out.

On second thought, by the time you get through the drive-thru, you may not actually have that burger until 2021. You can read more about the new In-N-Out from the Gazette here.

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