Up on Quandry Peak the other day, everyone thought there were a couple of guys in trouble, because of all the waving and shouting. About that....

Denver 7 has the story about misinterpretation on Quandry Peak when Summit County Rescue Group went up to help a couple of guys that folks thought were in trouble.

The two men were seen waving and shouting, so it looked like they were in distress.

By the time Summit County Rescue got to the area after getting all their gear on and  their rescue equipment gathered, they discovered there was no situation at all.

These two guys were just happy and excited, apparently. So, they were jumping and waving to folks below. IE: 'Hey down there, we made it all the way up here! How about that?'

According to the story, one of the guys is from Canada. OK, that I can understand, Canadians ARE dang friendly. The other guy is from Pennsylvania. OK, those are friendly folks, too...

The two men were very apologetic and did donate to the Rescue Group, so that's nice.

Now, go home. Stop waving.

Get more on the 'non-rescue' from Denver 7 Here.

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