If the walls inside certain Colorado homes could talk, they'd probably have plenty of scandalous stories to tell. Since they can't speak, however, some homeowners are left to wonder what exactly did happen inside the halls of their house in years past - and the truth is not always pleasant.

When it comes to properties for sale in Colorado, do real estate agents have to tell potential buyers whether or not a crime happened inside the home? What about if someone died in the house or if the previous owners experienced any paranormal activity while living there?

Colorado realtors don't actually have a right to disclose this type of information because it could impact the sale. According to state law, agents are only allowed to warn would-be buyers about material damages relating to the listed house.

That being said, Coloradans can do their own research prior to purchasing a new house. Several websites can help with the investigation but buyers should keep in mind that the results might be disturbing or gruesome.

For a fee, users can get detailed reports on diedinhouse.com regarding deaths, fires, meth labs, registered sex offenders, and nearby cemeteries related to the property they currently live in or are planning to move into.

Another free website, Housecreep.com also features an ongoing list of homes with eerie histories. The properties can be searched by location and filtered further down from there. Many of the entries on this site are crowdsourced. After going down a Colorado wormhole, it looks like most of the properties listed in our area are former clandestine drug labs.

Other infamous Colorado properties to appear on Housecreep include the Boulder home where Jon Benet Ramsey was found murdered in the basement, as well as the house where the Watts murders took place. The Watts home still sits vacant several years after the horrific tragedy occurred and has even been deemed unsellable.

Herzog House

Check out the inside of this historic and supposedly haunted home for sale.

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