The Coloradoan is reporting that Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill in May that will allow marijuana dispensaries to apply for tasting room licenses.

This is a lot like a liquor license where people will be allowed to consume marijuana at public places that are approved by the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

The marijuana hospitality law allows local communities to make their own laws regarding the social use of marijuana. So, in order for this to become official in Fort Collins (or anywhere else) the city counsel has to approve it.

Currently, Alaska is the only place in America that allows statewide regulations allowing cannabis cafes. Denver also allows social consumption at some clubs in the metro area.

Cannabis activist Cindy Sovine talked to the Coloradoan about this issue:

"It's such a big tourist attraction up there, especially in Fort Collins. The message we send tourists is 'Hey, come here, sample our product, but don't smoke here (in the dispensary), in your hotel, your rental car or the park, but you better consume it before you get back on that airplane."

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