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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream...beer.

You read that right. WeldWerks Brewing Co. and Little Man Ice Cream have joined forces to create a boozy new treat: the Little Man Salted Oreo Stout.

According to a press release, the brew has an ABV of 6.5% and contains vanilla, Oreos, salt, and a variation of Little Man's Salted Oreo ice cream. While this mixture may sound strange, the release asserts that the beer has a "smooth and velvety mouthfeel and a sweetness from the ice cream that is balanced by a hint of salt."

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"The process of making beer and ice cream are quite different, but both stem from a proper combination of ingredients to make the best consistency, flavor, and quality product," said Sarah Hegge, Company Production Manager of Little Man Ice Cream, in the release.

WeldWerks' Little Man Salted Oreo Stout. Courtesy of Indie Creative Co.
WeldWerks' Little Man Salted Oreo Stout. Courtesy of Indie Creative Co.

The beer will make its debut at WeldWerks' Greeley taproom on Friday (Oct. 22). You can also find the brew at various Northern Colorado stores using the brewery's Beer Finder.

However, the Little Man Salted Oreo Stout won't be the last collaboration between WeldWerks and the creamery.

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"Little Man Ice Cream is legenda(i)ry and we're thrilled to partner with them," said Skip Schwartz, Innovation and Wood Cellar Lead at WeldWerks, in the release. "With the Little Man team, we'll be turning one of our fan-favorite beers into ice cream next, so stay tuned!"

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