One of Loveland's main thoroughfares will see a westbound closure to traffic for nine days while the city works on utilities.

The City of Loveland announced on February 3, 2021, that starting on February 4, 2021, 57th Street will be closed to westbound traffic between Taft and Wilson until February 12, 2021.

It turns out to even more of a bummer for those who need to get to the north side of 57th, because that detour will take traffic four miles north to Trilby Road then west to Wilson, and back south again.

The [southern 57th] detour will take traffic to 50th Street, which is only one mile out of the way.

City of Loveland
City of Loveland

The closure will allow the city to work on utilities for the Eagle Brook Meadows development, which includes about 300 single-family homes and up to 114 townhomes, along with several pocket parks.

According to the Reporter-Herald, an interesting development with the development occurred when the street signs started going up in late 2020, and one of them was 'Chivington Street.'

Col. John Chivington led the Sand Creek Massacre in southeastern Colorado in 1864. It did not seem fitting to many, that a street in Loveland would bear Chivington's name, and the city did indeed change the name to Black Kettle, a peacemaker and survivor of the attack.

The naming of that street as 'Chivington' is probably because there is a town in Colorado named 'Chivington.' All the streets in that area are named after Colorado towns.

I remember asking the city why they named the street where the new Larimer County building is, 'Peridot.' It's because it was deemed, long ago by city planners 'back in the day', that any streets in that area would have the names of rocks, such as peridot rock.

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