Spring season is just a few days away. I don't know about you but my allergies have already started. I lost my voice last week, and am barely regaining it. It doesn't help I saw a News story that this allergy season would be bad due to a warmer climate overall.

Springtime can be a new beginning as well if you live in the cold, you may have felt cooped up for months. I was headed to the mailbox yesterday and saw all the weeds, yikes! I loathe pulling weeds.

What do you dislike about Spring?

Janelle R.- Allergies! It can be hard to breathe.

Rick S.- Getting my sprinklers back up and running.

Kelly Z.- Swimsuit season!

From spring cleaning to too much pollen in the air, Spring has its challenges. I still have too many leaves in the yard from winter that need to be cleaned up. I call spring the season of chores.

So I came up with a list of what I wish we could call spring no no's. Here's to a great spring minus the chores. And here's hoping your allergies aren't too bad either.

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