They might not always be accurate, but you can find answers to literally any question  you have, just by Googling it on the internet. 

As it turns out, many people across the country have similar questions and concerns in common. The security system company, ASecureLife, compiled findings of the most-googled concerns by state and what people were especially curious about. Every state has its most-asked questions, and while some of these searches are valid concerns, like whether or not keto is safe, or the seven states that all want to know if it's okay to eat romaine lettuce again – some of other 'is it safe to' questions that were Googled are a little more out there (looking at you South Carolina!).

According to ASecureLife's findings, the safety question that Colorado is Googling most is whether or not it's safe to fly. In today's world, this actually does seem like a pretty common thing that people might be worried about. Oregonians are also wondering the same thing.


The study showed that many people in different states across the country are concerned about the same things like taking Melatonin, using Uber and Airbnb, and even showering in a thunderstorm. Apparently there's some lonely people in Michigan, as their biggest safety concern is whether or not it's okay to date.


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