Throughout the state of Colorado, there are many unique animals and insects in our ecosystem. Some of which that make you question what exactly they are.

Well we ran into that this morning at the radio station, when one of our staff members encountered this insect that perched itself onto the side of the building.

Credit: Eric Davis
Credit: Eric Davis

Any ideas on what this insect is?

It's definitely the first time any of us had seen this type of insect around the building, and with the temperatures as cold as they were this morning we were very surprised that it made it through the night.

Grasshopper? Doesn't look like that.

Walking stick bug? we definitely don't think that is it.

If you look at it close enough as well, it's definitely taken on the look of a leaf so it camouflages itself really well.

So let us know Northern Colorado...anyone know what this insect is? Once we know definitively, we will write up a follow up story for everyone!


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