What are the best things to do on New Year's Eve? We've got a few ideas we think you might like. With all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas, sometimes it's hard to focus on New Year's Eve only a week later. One thing is for sure though, you'll probably want to do something with your closest friends versus sitting around at home and watching everyone else have a great time on TV. Here's what we came up with for ideas.


1 - Rent a Limo or Party Bus

If budget isn't a huge determining factor, then renting a limo or party bus for New Year's is a great option. Don't worry, we have some more budget friendly ideas below as well. Really with ten of your favorite friends, the cost isn't even that prohibitive. Of course you'll probably want to make a few stops along the way, especially when the clock strikes midnight. In any event it's a great relaxing and carefree way to spend the evening with the closest of your friends cruising the town.

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2 - Go to a Hotel or Casino

There are usually lots of local hotels that plan big parties that you can look into; they also then usually offer a discounted room rate following the evening celebration.

Towns focused around casinos are also a great place to be as they will usually host some kind of big event with fireworks etc... Chances are you know where these are and it certainly doesn't hurt to check out what they have going on for the evening.


3 - Local Ball Drop or New Year's Celebration

Everyone knows about the big ball drop in New York City, but chances are that most towns of decent size hold some kind of party downtown with their own fireworks or a ball drop too. If your town doesn't have something fun going on, then we'd suggest looking to your closest bigger city where you may have better luck. This gives you a great chance to hang out at bars downtown, go dancing, etc... as well throughout the evening.

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4 - Spend the Night Outside

If you want to do something more unique this year, depending on the weather, doing something outdoors can be a great option, especially if you're a bit budget conscious this year. Whether it's a fire pit in your back yard or you choose to drive out somewhere with friends to have a bigger bondfire, it can really be an enjoyable experience. Additionally there are lots of unique games to play out in a more desolate area like capture the flag. It might sound a bit like an odd idea but we think you'll discover that it's really lots of fun.

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5 - Hold a Game or Movie Night

While many probably wouldn't consider having a game or movie night on New Year's because it's a bit more subdued, once again it's a great idea for the more budget conscious. Just make sure you pick more active games like Things, Taboo, Pit, Catch Phrase, etc... so that everyone makes it to midnight. Great food is of course a must when it comes to this idea, and there are also always some decent New Year's Eve specials on TV that you can tune into to help entertain guests as well.

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