For anyone who doesn't have TikTok, basically, a 13-year-old pug named Noodle now determines my days.

A new trend has been going around the app where a man named Jonathan picks up his dog Noodle to see if he "woke up with bones or not".

The premise is this: if it's a no bones day, just stay home. No need to take any risks, don't try anything crazy, just lay low and take the day as is.

However, if it's a bones day, go crazy. Treat yourself, ask for that raise, chase that dream, confess those feelings. Do it all. Bones days are the days we live for.

With this trend taking the internet by storm and this adorable pug pretty much determining the majority of the population's approach to the day, I decided to compile a list of the places to go and things to do in Fort Collins on a rare and renowned bones day.

Breakfast at Rainbow Restaurant

The coffee cake and breakfast burrito are my favorites, but you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu!

Treat yourself to a round of golf at Topgolf

Granted, it's not exactly in Fort Collins, but it's definitely within reasonable driving distance! Especially if you're treating yourself - a little trip is worth it.

Watch a *fancy* movie at the Cinemark Bistro

It's a small splurge, but let me tell you, wine and a reclined seat to watch a movie are some of the finer, underrated things in life.

Do some window shopping (or real shopping) through Old Town

Maybe it's me trying to live out a fantasy in my head, but I love the boutiques downtown even though they're out of my budget. However, they're also the first place I go when I need a good dose of retail therapy, or I'm just really in the mood for some self-splurging self-care!

Dinner at Sonny Lubick Steakhouse

Ah yes, steak. A true treat indeed. I feel like it goes without mentioning, but anyone who eats meat almost always thinks of steak when they think of treating themselves.

Dessert at The Melting Pot

Again, maybe I'm just oddly stingy with my money on a no bones day, but on a bones day, all I want is some nice, slightly overpriced melted chocolate.

Drinks at Social

You know if I'm thinking of any sort of "perfect" day, I'm thinking of Social. Basically, just go there.

Keep an eye out for the next bones day, and go treat yourself! No holds barred.

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