Colorado has so many specialty license plates it could make someone's head spin. In fact, there are nearly 40 group specialty license plates and that is not counting the green and white and designer plates.

When it comes to certain specialty plates, there seems to be a specific type of driving style that accompanies each style of plate. Over the years, I have noticed that certain plates are more prone to tailgating someone than other types of plates. Based on my driving experiences, I have also noticed that one type of Colorado license plate is more apt to wander out of its lane because the driver's phone has taken priority over the safety of others.

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Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion that has been based on my own driving experiences and what I have witnessed with vehicles that have certain types of specialty Colorado license plates.

What Your Special Colorado License Plate Says About Your Driving

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Not all drivers with these specific specialty plates drive the way I have stated above. As stated before, these occurrences are strictly what I have seen while I have been driving on the roads of Colorado.

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