The building near the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and Eisenhower Boulevard in Loveland has not had a permanent tenant for years.

I like to call it 'The old ALCO building.' Many call it 'The old Albertsons.' Some break out 'The old County Market.' The blue-roofed building has seen just a few businesses, in the past 50 years.

The last full-time tenant was Albertsons, they closed that location 15 years ago, in 2006. The 'deal' is, Albertsons/Safeway is still paying rent on the location.

According to the Reporter-Herald, Albertsons/Safeway's parent company dishes out about $200,000 every year to lease the building, and their lease isn't up until 2025. If things remain the way they are, that would mean that this place will have been empty for nearly 20 years.

The owners of the building, based out of Boulder, are willing to negotiate things releasing Albertsons/Safeway out of their lease or doing a sub-lease, but no other business has come along to seriously look at using the location.

They do let it be used for the Spirits Halloween store every year, and recently it was opened up to be a vaccination clinic. So, it does get some use.

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I know a lot of folks in Loveland who comment that Albertsons/Safeway is blocking any other supermarket from coming in and taking business away from the other Albertsons and Safeways that Loveland has; but, if they continue leasing until 2025, Albertsons/Safeway will have spent about $4 million to do so.

That a lot of lettuce.

Will we be waiting until 2025 to see something change there? What if Albertsons/Safeway extends their lease?

At least they keep painting the roof.

Get more on the old building from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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