If you think about it, Colorado isn't really known for its crime-- if anything, we're known for how we're all riding bikes everywhere instead of robbing banks. That doesn't mean, though, that we don't have our fair share of interesting heists.

The website ASecureLife recently did a study looking at historical articles outlining robberies in each U.S. state to find the most scandalous thefts in each area. So what, exactly, is Colorado's?

Courtesy of ASecureLife
Courtesy of ASecureLife

In a wide range of options, from disguises to casino chips to Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, Colorado stayed pretty mild with our heist-- it was just money. Apparently our most infamous crime was Butch Cassidy's first-ever bank robbery, which took place in Telluride at the San Miguel Valley Bank. He made out with $20,000-- according to ASecureLife, that's around half a million dollars in today's money.

We're all pretty familiar with the story-- after all, our favorite race-car driver played him in the now-iconic film:

...regardless, it's fun to look back on our naughtier history.

To see every state's infamous heists, click here.

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