Who is Steve, and what's the story behind his really long notes that are left on light posts in Downtown Loveland?

I have no idea who is behind these long stream-of-consciousness notes, other than his name is Steve and he has a cat named 'Paw McCartney,' but they're interesting to say the least, and Lovelanders seem to look forward to the posts, both on the street and on his Facebook page.

Like this friendly, long reminder not to litter...

Or this bag of free valentines on Valentine's Day, writing 'Since I’m a big believer in spreading good vibes and kindness, I have made some Valentines for you. Since I don’t know your names, I included a positive message or fun tidbit for you to have instead of writing “Julie” or “Trevor” or whatever.'

New Year's Resolutions? He's got that covered.

And, my favorite -- bears or bees? (#2 pencil provided.)

I would say bear, personally, because it's just you and the bear, not an entire swarm.

You can follow Steve of Loveland on Facebook here, or look for his notes in Loveland.

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