I have been working on this massive table for a few months now. Mostly here and there when I have some free time to do so. Over the past month, the project has pretty much sat dormant in my garage as life tends to get in the way of projects sometimes. As some of you have seen, this is where I left off and not much has been accomplished since.

Matt Sparx

This week, I chose to revisit the project as Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I would like to have it done by then. Upon inspection, I have made the tough call to completely scrap the current state of the table and start over.

Why, you ask? Although, it looks good enough, I can't sit here and feel like I have given the legs my absolute best shot. Misalignment issues and a bit of board warp was enough for me to say goodbye to the current state it is in and chop it apart, resize, remeasure and redo.

The measurements of the dimensions of the legs were reduced from 3 inches to 2.5 inches. The braces will have hard maple dowels added for strength and added character and a different method for bracing the legs across the table will be redone.

Matt Sparx

I'll be putting in quite a few hours every night and all weekend long to get the table ready for Thanksgiving... Here is to hoping that it will be done come turkey day.