There are probably a million different ways you can make a taco. Softshell, crunchy, keto... The probability of the list being endless is very high.

You may have our certain go-to when it comes to everyone's favorite Mexican dish, but how do the majority of Coloradans like their taco?

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Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Gurney's was intrigued by the vast differences in taco tastes, so they compiled a list of how every state in the United States prefers their tacos. Gurney's conducted a survey on people to build their perfect taco based on factors such as shell, meat, vegetable toppings, additional toppings, and condiment/sauce.

Here's What the Survey Tells Us About Colorado's Favorite Taco

  • Shell: soft flour tortilla
  • Meat: carne asada
  • Toppings: pico de Gallo, cheese, and guacamole

That's Colorado's favorite taco. The survey revealed that Arizona, New York, and Ohio share the same favoritism when it comes to this specific taco. However, this combination wasn't the most popular as it came in third place.

The Second Most Popular Taco Combination

Five states in total, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Virginia all agree that the second-place taco was the best.

  • Shell: soft flour tortilla
  • Meat: ground beef
  • Toppings: pico de Gallo, cheese, and sour cream

The Most Popular Taco Combination in the United States

A lot of states chose this taco combination as their favorite:

  • Shell: soft flour tortilla
  • Meat: ground beef
  • Toppings: lettuce, cheese, and sour cream

15 states in total love this specific taco combination.

Other Findings

One of the things that surprised me the most is that not a single state chose a crunchy taco shell. Not one. Out of the 14 taco combinations, only five states chose a corn tortilla as their preferred shell.

There were numerous interesting tidbits of information about America's favorite taco by state. If you would like to take a bite from the data, you can do so HERE.

Source: Gurney's

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