Crazy to think we haven't had our first accumulating snowfall yet, or is it? We ALL know that predicting when it's going to snow in Ft Collins is like predicting how many prairie dogs are roaming around Northern Colorado. IMPOSSIBLE but...we can take a look back at the last few years and check out every single first day of measurable snowfall by date and how much fell on that day and get a general idea but let's face it, it's a crapshoot.

To be honest, I'm very excited about spending my second winter in Colorado because I love the cold, dry, snowy weather, and fun fact about me...I'm a bit of a sicko, I love shoveling snow. I'm also pretty fired up to get the snow piling up, especially up in the mountains so I can hit some slopes on the skis this winter too.

Whether YOU'RE excited for the white stuff or not, there actually are some patterns that are fairly consistent as to when we can expect the most snow but as we like to say in Northern Colorado, if you don't like the weather, just wait a few will change.


Here's a look back at the dates when Fort Collins received its first snow fall over the past 7 seasons:

2014/2015- November 11th (1.75 inches)

2015-2016- November 11th (2.25 inches)

2016-2017- November 17th (2.25 inches)

2017-2018- October 9th (1.50 inches)

2018-2019- October 14th (5.75 inches)

2019-2020- October 10th (1.75)

2020-2021- September 8th (0.75 inches)


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