I know I know, many people don't even have their tree up for Christmas and we're already talking about recycling them...preparation is key though right?

If you're on the "team real tree train" this is really good info because when you go with the real tree for Christmas, by the time the holiday is over...you're done with the tree and are ready to get rid of it and the pine needles that keep falling on the floor.

So with that and according to the great City of Fort Collins, there are several locations that you can drop off that tree for recycling and if you have a fake tree that you're done with and as long as it's not jacked up in any way, you can donate that as well.

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There are three spots in Fort Collins where you can recycle your Christmas tree after the holiday and those places are...

Hageman Earth on East Prospect

City of Fort Collins: Timberline Recycling Center - Hard to Recycle Materials Yard

Larimer County Green Waste Program

All of these places are like $5 to get your tree recycled (there's an additional $5 entrance fee into the Timberline Recycling Center)

So before that tree becomes more of a messy nuisance after Christmas and a fire hazard because, an old and dried up tree near electricity is not a good combo, get that sucker recycled.

Merry Christmas to you from all of us here at New Country 99.1 and Townsquare Media.


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