We've all heard stories about how people left the big cities during the COVID-19 pandemic, opting for smaller communities, but does data back that up? Bloomberg's CityLab released data that showed where people moved in the last year; which cities shrunk, and which grew. 

'Across the U.S., the number of people making moves that they defined as permanent was up a modest three percent between March 2020 and February 2021,' Bloomberg said. '...But zoom in to a few of America’s densest and most expensive metro regions and the picture is more dramatic, with the percentage increase in moves well into the double digits.'

The data shows a percentage, found by the number of people moving in divided by the number of people moving out, and the Denver Metro Area did have a small 'loss' compared to data from 2019, meaning, in 2020, slightly more people left than came in, but it was a small change.

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Fort Collins and Greeley, however, showed a little bit of growth. Fort Collins had a 5.2 percent change in ratio, and Greeley had a 2.6 percent change in ratio, meaning both had a little more coming in than leaving. See the map here.

The data even shows where people moved to during the pandemic, and those who left Fort Collins went to Arizona, California, Texas and Washington. People from Greeley relocated to Arizona and Nevada. See the map here.

The biggest 'boom' for Colorado was the Breckenridge area, which saw a nearly 20 percent change in ratio.

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